Competition Training Class

Although all sparring and competition work is totally optional and takes place outside of normal class time, we do have a successful squad who train and compete regularly. For most of them, they enjoy the added element of excitement that sparring brings to their training and have an outlet for a naturally competitive streak at well organised and regulated martial arts tournaments. Any of our students can begin to learn sparring whenever they feel ready and are welcome to attend Squad Training Sessions (attending the sessions doesn't mean you have to compete either!). Sparring is exhilerating and safe as we follow strict guidelines on both protective safety equipment and rules.

Competition Team Facts

  • Competition team training is separate from all regular classes
  • Competition team training is the only class where sparring involves all the students there 
  • Competition team training is completely optional
  • If you attend Competition team training you do not have to compete
  • All sparring is light-contact and full safety equipment must be worn 


The members of the competition team are only entered into events that are suitable for their level of ability - so beginners only enter events that are suitable for beginners and the more advanced team members compete on the open circuit.  A Squad Captain is in charge at each event to ensure the team are supported and coached in their event.  Juniors compete can compete too and the events attended are well-regulated and run by reputable organisations.  For the competitive person who is not interested in contact there are also demonstration and padwork categories to showcase technical skill and flare.