Personal Training

Private Tuition

Private Tuition
Without a doubt all students rapidly improve their martial arts abilities and knowledge with private tuition. One on one lessons working on any area of kickboxing you choose, from technique to self-defense to fitness to advanced kicks. Private lessons are usually one hour long but can be a length of time to fit in with your schedule.
Work on:
  • Back To Basics - focus on correcting and sharpening technique
  • Power - fine tune body mechanics to increase the power in your technique
  • Advanced kicking and punching
  • Self defense - learn new skills, improve old skills
  • Weaponry skills
  • Preparing for high grades
  • Fitness - private tuition is a workout designed just for you!
  • Private lesson can be one to one with your Instructor or shared with a friend. Speak to your Instructor for further details and booking availability.

    Jackie Hunt - Personal Trainer

    One of our Instructional Team, Jackie Hunt, is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

    Sports Massage Therapy - increases your range of movement, increases flexibility and relieves muscle soreness. It prevents muscle damage and promotes faster recovery from training and injury during exercise or at your workplace!

    Personal Training – train in the fitness studio or in your own home with a Level 3 fitness instructor who will design an individual plan to suit your requirements. Ideal to get in shape and improve muscle tone!

    Health and Fitness Nutrition - Independent Distributor of Forever Living Products – the first inner leaf Aloe Vera to be certified by the International Aloe Science Council

    For information on any of the above, please contact Jackie on

    07754 191288