Mixed Classes

Our Mixed Kickboxing Classes are suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness level and children from the age of 7 years.  Mixed classes are great if you are joining on your own (which most people do) as there are always plenty of other member to train with.  People join our classes at all times […]

Adult Classes

Our Adults Kickboxing Classes are suitable for teenagers though to men and women in their fifties and sixties. As with all of our classes, Adults Classes are suitable for the complete beginner as we have a syllabus structured to ensure that you progress towards Black Belt at a pace that is suitable for you.

Junior Classes

Children love learning martial arts and benefit quickly from positive instruction and our Junior Classes are structured to deliver the many benefits obtained through martial arts training. Junior Classes are very safe for your child to participate in as they are non-contact and students train on the special martial arts equipment that we provide. Our […]

Little Warriors

Little Warriors Kickboxing is not available everywhere yet, but is growing rapidly in popularity. This class provides an excellent and safe introduction to martial arts for younger children. Instructors train regularly to maintain a high level of both martial arts ability and coaching skill whilst holding the following qualifications:- Relevant PMAS coaching certificate Enhanced DBS check […]

Competition Team Training

Although all sparring and competition work is totally optional and takes place outside of normal class time, we do have a successful squad who train in the Competition Training Classes and compete regularly. For most of them they simply enjoy the added element of excitement that sparring brings to their training and have an outlet […]

Coaching Team Courses

All PMAS kickboxing classes need well-trained qualified Instructors and Assistant Instructors to be part of our Coaching Team. All members of the Coaching Team, including Instructors and Assistant Instructors, start their Instructor training by becoming a Coaching Team Course member (CTC).   We only work with Instructors who are Pro Martial Arts Schools Coaching Team […]